WE ACCEPT VISA/ MASTERCARD/ DISCOVER...David does NOT accept checks (makeup artists DO accept checks)

1 Look  -  $275
2 Looks - $500
3 Looks - $600
4 Looks - $700
Additional Looks = $75 per look
*Note:  Taking a jacket, vest, tie, glasses, etc., off and on does NOT constitute a separate look. 
 HAIR AND MAKEUP RATES   (David highly recommends makeup even for guys)
Women -  $125 - 1 Look ($100 for very short/light hair styling)
                $150 -  2 Looks
                $175 -  3 Looks 
                $200 -  4 Looks
Men -       $65 - 1 Look
                $75 -    2 Looks
                $100 -  3/4 Looks
A $75 deposit is required to book your session after you have emailed studio@davidmullerphotography.com to receive a date on David's schedule.
We do offer in house retouching for your selects at $30 per image as well as package deals, i.e. 4 for $100. This is an all inclusive rate unless there is custom work involved (ie changing actual aspects of the photo)  Headshot retouching includeds the removing stray hairs, blemishes, dark circles, cleaning up  the overall skin, etc.  Though not manditory, it is recommended to provide you with the absolute best results possible. 
Answers to your frequently asked questions...
*Included is a complimentary online proof sheet through Argentum or Reproductions that is private and password protected.  This a great way to show agents, friends and family your images and makes picking out your selects a breeze. 
*Clients are given a customized USB flash drive with all of the hi-resolution session images. 
* The studio is located in Hollywood at 905 Cole Ave. 90038
* David does NOT accept checks (the makeup artsits, however, do accept checks)
* We accept cash, or credit card (Amex,Visa, Mastercard or Discover)
* Yes, your $75 deposit goes toward the cost of your session.  The purpose of the deposit is to protect myself from No-Shows.
*The makeup artist will stay with you for the entire session!
Because we understand the nature of the business, we do our best to be flexible.  A minimum of 72 hours notice is required to keep a deposit in place;  but if we can fill your spot, your deposit will remain in place and you will be moved to another date or refunded.  
I'm keeping your deposit and not booking you again!